Halal Restaurant in Malta Offers Wide Variety of Halal Foods

Halal Restaurant in Malta Offers Wide Variety of Halal Foods

From exotic dishes like the Ratshdat Kuskas to the classic Arabian lamb stew, we at Sharma Ethnic Restaurant offer a wide variety of choice for our Muslim patrons. We understand both, the religious culinary observations that Muslims need to follow as well as the need to have delicious food prepared in a halal way. That is why we have expanded our halal menu to offer some of the best halal food you can find anywhere in Malta!
What Exactly is Halal Food?
The word “Halal” is of Arabic origin, meaning “lawful and permitted”. In that sense, halal food is that which is acceptable by Islamic law. In many regions, this can become a significant challenge for the Muslim population since options for halal food might be limited when it comes to eating out.
Halal food requires a number of considerations starting from meat production all the way to meat processing and storage. Even the tools and utensils used to prepare halal food need to be cleansed in a certain way to meet the halal criteria. The crux of it actually has to do with the way animals are slaughtered. However, various ingredients and their use is also important to regulate. For example, some food items and by-products are not permissible under Islamic law, whether that is due to the low nutrition value or use of harmful ingredients such as alcohol.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our best Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean menu items are all prepared in a halal way to ensure that Muslims can freely enjoy our delicious cuisine. We do not serve any pork in our restaurant, which is a forbidden meat in Islamic tradition, along with which our entire kitchen is maintained in a halal way. Even our suppliers are carefully selected based on halal best practices.

Best Halal Dishes at Sharma

Now that we have your confidence in our halal food menu, its time to showcase some of our finest halal dishes.

Come for the Soups

We offer a variety of soups to help you get in the mood for some delicious main courses. Starting with the “Rasam”, which is a traditional soup comprising of a combination of lentils, tomatoes and tamarid. We also have the very basic but equally delicious “Aloo Soup” which is a humble concoction of potatoes and onions. The classic Moroccan soup “Harira” is also available at Sharma Restaurant. Harira is a lamb based soup with fresh celery, lentils, chick peas, fresh herbs and vermicelli. Last but not least on our soup menu is the classic Maltese fresh fish soup known as “Aljotta”.

Load up on Salads

Our intermediate menu consists of delicious and healthy salads inspired by Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. Our Couscous Salad features tomatoes, peppers, coriander and couscous served with marinated chicken. We also have the “Tabbouleh” which features a mix of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, fresh mint, spring onions and bulgur wheat tossed with olive oil and lemon. The “Salatah Lebeeya” is another salad dish that you can enjoy at Sharma Restaurant, featuring finely chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber and hot green chilies in olive oil. Along with this we also serve regular chicken salad and the classic Indian Raita.

Stay for the Main Courses

We offer a multitude of halal food options from our Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean menus. All classic Indian BBQ varieties such as chicken tikka masala, seekh kebab, haryali tikka and masala fish kabab are all deliciously prepared at Sharma Restaurant. You can also enjoy the best of Indian BBQ items in the form of a Tandoori Platter.

Similarly, our Arabic Cuisine options are equally delicious and versatile, ranging from the “Koftah Mashweya” which features charcoal grilled lamb or beef prepared with Arabic spices to the “Shawarma” which is available in chicken and lamb varieties. Other Arabic cuisine halal food items on the menu include Shish Kebab, Shish Taouk and Dajaj Mishwe. Again, you can enjoy the best items from our Arabic cuisine menu in the form of our Arabian grill platter. Our Mediterranean menu items also include all the classics such as grilled fish, Fenek Malti, Bragjoli and the Octopus stew as delicacies.

Top it up with Desserts

Get a taste of nostalgia with our classic Indian icecream made of sweetened milk known as Kulfi Malai. Opt for yet another classic in the form of Gulap Jamoon or the carrot based Gajjar Halwa. Go for something simpler with Macedonia, a fresh food salad or hold nothing back with our array of oriental sweets prepared with almonds and honey.

We look forward to welcoming all our Muslim patrons in search for the best halal food restaurant in Malta!