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Sharma Ethnic Cuisines

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity and gastronomy food, taste and flavours. [ Louise Fresco ]

Tandoori dish, gluten free option at Sharma Restaurant Malta

Sharma Indian Restaurant

The Indian term Sharma means ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’, so we felt it was a great fit for our Indian & Ethnic Restaurant. We aim to please all our customers and we do so by creating an enjoyable and delicious dining experience.

We are delighted to have reviews stating we are one of the best Indian restaurants in Malta! We feel that our authentic Indian ingredients, vast menu of typical Indian dishes and our passion for good food and great service really set us among the best.

The best Indian restaurant in Malta – TripAdvisor Reviewer
“For me this is the best value Indian restaurant in Malta. We have visited several times during the last couple of years and every time the food was very good and the service fast.”

A taste of India – TripAdvisor Reviewer
“Well, one thing can be said for this place, which is Fantastic. This was my first time trying an Indian cuisine, and certainly it did not disappoint….
Obviously it is the one place to go either if you're an Indian fanatic who loves that bit of spicy food or just a normal person who is looking for a relaxing venue where you can enjoy a super delicious meal, surely made with absolute passion.”

In addition to providing an excellent experience dining-in, we are also pleased to offer an Indian take-away or Indian food delivery service around all Malta, to allow you to enjoy our authentic Indian dishes at home.

Sharma Ethnic Cuisine

Besides being an Indian Restaurant, Sharma serves a good selection of authentic Arabian dishes as well, making it an Ethnic Cuisine. Hence aside from our popular curry & Indian-spiced dishes, one can also enjoy a selection of Arabian appetizers such as Dolmah & Falafel, Arabian main dishes from our grill including koftah & kebabs, and other traditional stew dishes seasoned with Arabian spices!

Ethnic Cuisine at its best – TripAdvisor Reviewer

“Sharma offers Indian and Arabic cuisine at its best. The 1001 night atmosphere and the variety of oriental spices take you in another world immediately. We love to order different starters and share them between all, main dishes may be creamy curries, tagines or grilled meat, so everyone will find his favourite.”

Guests enjoy choosing from our varied menu of Indian, Arabian & Mediterranean dishes, because no matter who you visit Sharma with, there is something to please everyone. We proudly serve traditional Maltese dishes such as rabbit stew too! Of course other Mediterranean dishes including several pasta options and a variety of salads are also available on our menu.  Our dessert menu offers a range of sweets from around the world – Maltese Imqaret, Indian Ice Cream and platters of Arabian sweets – letting you try something new each time you visit.

Tandoori - A Vegan Dish At Sharma Restaurant In Malta

Sharma Halal Restaurant

Moreover at Sharma we observe halal practice! Sharma is the ideal place for Muslims to enjoy a meal as we have done everything possible to create a wonderful atmosphere and a varied menu of classic Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean halal dishes. Our entire restaurant is pork free, our chefs are halal trained and our kitchen is run in a halal way. We work carefully with our suppliers to ensure that all of our food products are halal too.

Our beautiful location at Portomaso lets you sit inside or outside, depending on your preference, and enjoy views of the marina. Our St. Julians location is ideal for tourists staying in Paceville area, and any part of St. Julians and Sliema, all of which are within walking distance to enjoy a leisurely stroll home after your meal. If you prefer to drive or are visiting from further afield, we are pleased to confirm that parking at Portomaso car park is free for 2 hours.

We look forward to having you join us very soon!